miercuri, 27 mai 2015

Buy Arwenn - Moulin Rouge swatch and review

Good evening my pretty ladies.
Tonight I have prepared for you another review to one of the gorgeous nail polishes I've received from Arwenn.
I'm proud to say that I'm the first roumanian  blogger with wich they collaborate.So,thank you my dear Arwenn and Antoine!
Also I have a great news for you,the ones who are interested in buing this nail polishes.
If you use the code "Madalina" you get a 20% discount on their Etsy webstore.So go check that out!
The nail polish that I'll show you tonigh is a gorgeous silver with a chrome finish.
It is part of the Eponyme collection called - Moulin Rouge.
 As I said earlier,it is silver chore effect nail polish.
Aplication was really easy,only needed two coats to be opaque.
Dring time,as all of their nail polishes,excelent!!
The brush is medium,just perfect for my nails.
Not good for stamping ( this is for my "stampaholic" followers <3 br="">
The only thing that I don't like about it are the traces the brush lets on the nail even thougt the nail polish is dried.
In my pictures you can see two coats with a layer of top coat.
Size: I guess ( it doesn't say on the bottle) 14 or 15 ml
Resistence: with top coat a whole week!!
Price: 9.5 euros
 Overall I like it: great color,great resistence,good price,excelent dring time!
If you like it go check the new collection on their facebook fan page!They've made gorgeous nail polihes, I like the holografic one and the thermals <3 p="">Kisses and stay tune for more reviews.


8 comentarii:

  1. Este un gri metalic superb! Darele de la pensula raman cam la taote ojele metalice...eu am patit la mai multe asa.
    Buburuzele sunt foarte dragute!!


  2. Cat de dragalase sunt buburuzele. Eu nu prea sunt mare fana a efectelor metalice, dar nuanta de gri este eleganta!

  3. Minunata oja, un gri metalic care iti fura privirea! kiss


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