luni, 17 noiembrie 2014

Piglets-MoYou Nails stamping plate 214

Good evening ladies.
After a one week break I'm back with a new review.
This time the star is MoYou's stamping plate no.214.
If you are interested it is on sales and the price for this babie is  £2.99.
As usual the quality is grate.They don't dissapoint me,the etching is good ,the transfer is grate and...look at all this pretty faces!!

Here we have:7 images:2 cats,1 panda,1 lion,1 mouse,1 frog and 1 cute pig!
For today I choosed the pigy!

This stamping plate is excellent for making decals.
I used:
-base coat BNC
-Classics Premium #04
-Gabrini #341
-MoYou Nails 214 stampig plate
-MoYou Nails black stamping polish
-P2 Sea'a la Vie to fill the piglets
-dotting tool
-Golden Rose Gel Look top coat

That's all for today.
Kisses and I wish you to have a nice evening.

10 comentarii:

  1. Este minunata placuta asta! Imi plac expresiile animalutelor! ♥
    Si nu in ultimul rand, manichiura ta super cute.

    1. Multumesc Mada!Animalutele astea chiar sunt adorabile <3

  2. Foarte foarte draguti! Te bine dispun :)

  3. Foarte tare m-au bine dispus purcelusii tai simpatici <3

  4. oh how cute is that stamp ! piglet manicure is girly ! you put a smile on my face !
    have a nice evening dear Madalina ( beautiful name ! )


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